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Manny Pacquiao with a current record of 54 – 5 – 2 which 38 of his wins via knockouts will be fighting Brandon Rios how currently holds a record of 31 – 1 – 1, which 23 of his wins is via knockout.  Pacquiao vs Rios is the fight that every boxing fans is dreaming. It will be held at Venetian, Macau, China and will be featured and aired via HBO Sports Pay per view on November 23, 2012. However, since it is an Asia event, then it would be November 24 in Macau China in the morning.

Where to Buy Pacquiao vs Rios Tickets?

Pacquiao vs Rios tickets are now available just click on the link at the top to buy the tickets. You can also subscribe to us to receive email when the tickets go on sale. If you ever wonder why the fight is not at the usual event venue and the boxing capital of the whole word, Las Vegas Nevada, Pacquiao choose the place and he has some reasons about it.

Last year, Pacquiao did lose two fights, the first was against Tim Bradley last June 9, 2012 where he lost via 12 round unanimous decision and the second lose was against Manuel Marquez where he was knocked out on the 6th round. Everybody was expecting in his victory last December as he is defending his title and they already fought the 4th time already. In addition of his chances in winning that bout is that he was cheated by the Bradley fight prior to their fight with Marquez. After the review of their fight against Bradley, boxing Association confirms that Manny Pacquiao supposedly won that fight. But decision was already made.

Manny Pacquiao is an eight division world champion and he has the highest record in the boxing field since the boxing history. He came from the province of Philippines and began to get his fame early 2000’s where he won against the biggest names in boxing like Oscar De La Hoya, Manuel Marquez, Antonio Barrera, and many more, just to mention some.

Another challenge for Pacquiao this year 2013, would win against Rios to build again his reputation and hopefully there will be no more bias and cheating in boxing.

If he will lose against Rios then he will also lose the chance of fighting the undefeated pound of pound king, Floyd Mayweather Jr who will be fighting against Canelo Saul Alvarez this coming September 14, 2013 at MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas Nevada USA.

Pacquiao vs Rios Live Streaming

Brandon RiosIf you cannot go to Macau to watch Pacquiao vs Rios, then you can just watch Pacquiao vs Rios live streaming from your home theater, we will deliver to you a high definition live stream, that can support slow internet connection and no down times that is also free from ads and you will be able to watch the post fight interviews.

So, see you all on the fight night and please check your email address from time to time to be updated of the status Pacquiao vs Rios tickets.